The Benefits of

95 + CRI 

LED Lighting

If you really think it’s “still OK” to keep using low quality 82 CRI fluorescent lamps instead of upgrading to our 95+ High CRI LED lamps, take a look at the difference LED Green Light lighting made at General Motors Corporation.

General Motors operated two (2) car assembly lines side-by-side at their Dearborn Michigan Auto Assembly Plant. LED Green Light retrofitted one side of the two (2) car assembly line with our 95+ CRI Tube lamps into their existing fluorescent fixtures. The LEFT SIDE of the car assembly line is using LED Green Light 95+ CRI Tube Lamps. The RIGHT SIDE of the car assembly line is using their existing 82CRI fluorescent tube lighting. As you can see, it makes a very big improvement. In addition to providing greatly improved lighting that meter served their needs, LED Green Light saved GM 70% of their lighting energy – which resulted in saving GM millions and millions of dollars each year by spotting and resolving any defects early in their paint shops – before they reached the assembly line !

LED Green Light’s 95+ CRI LED lamps will show your products in the best light possible !!


Left Side = 95+ CRI 

Right Side = 82 CRI

Our Opto-Spectral Analysis

Recent Spectral Analysis of LED Green Light’s 

Custom 95+ CRI Diodes in a 2×4 Retrofit Troffer  


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